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A treasure trove for readers who enjoy lively, down-to-earth characters that you’ll easily become connected with! Here, you will find books for every soul—from the nationally award winning ‘Best of Friends,’ featuring the members of the ‘Fabulous Five‘—a group of women who glean life-altering lessons in the trials and tribulations they go through individually and collectively as they learn the lessons they are each destined to accept, to the self-improvement, spiritually enriching ‘Choices—The Power Is Within You‘ book, designed to help you discover and implement your own Personal Power to effect powerful, positive changes in your life, as you develop a personalized, step-by-step road-map to manifest your dreams, by achieving your goals.

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There’s also ‘Seven Successful Strategies for Divorced Parents,’ a must-have book for parents—whether you’re still enjoying life as a couple, are separated or divorced, this gem of a book provides easy-to-implement techniques that helps you to restore and maintain a solid familial foundation.

coachlogo1It contains much needed information in the areas of: Health, Finances, Education, Developing Positive Relationships, Mediation, Conflict-Resolution and more—with, easy to use tips & ideas that will help you improve family dynamics and communication skills—designed for parents of children of all ages, whether pre-school, high school and beyond! The information contained within its’ pages, are derived from the many experiences the author encountered as her role as a Parenting Instructor for Michigan State University, as well as her experiences as a Conflict-Resolutionist for the K-12 public school system.

For poetry lovers, we offer ‘All Kinds of Poems for All Kinds of People,’ A collection of poetry written over several years—reflecting on the different stages we all experience while on this journey we call life—from Spiritual Elation, to Emotional Deflation! Various sections include: Inspirational, Humorous, Reality Check, Down In the Valley Poetry & more.

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