About Sherry Brantley

Author, Speaker, Life Coach


My ‘First Loves’ are: Reading, writing and speaking—and not necessarily in that order! I marvel at the power and passion of the written word, and I take great pleasure in speaking in ways that inspire others to pursue and manifest their dreams.”

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and took pride in having been a resident of “Motown” during it’s height in the musical arena.

I have three wonderful, grown daughters, which I am most proud of, and delight in seeing the worlds they create around them.

After harboring a yearning to move to Arizona for many years, I reflected on my life, placed my resume on-line, turned in my resignation at the job I held at a bank, sold my home, sold my car, contacted a child-hood friend that lived in Arizona, and arranged to move there within 3 weeks!

“Since moving to Scottsdale, Arizona, I have found it to be everything I had imagined. It is my “Spiritually Serene, Peaceful, Personal, Paradise!”