Sample Story

Sample Story

open book isolated on white backgroundIt started out as a hot, summer day in mid-Michigan. As a car salesperson, I enjoyed meeting people and being able to assist them in their car-buying needs. I usually walked the lot, looking for interested customers. However on this particular afternoon, it was rather slow, and there were no prospects to be found.

During down times like these, we were instructed to remain busy by washing, re-parking, and putting gas into the cars, in an effort to prepare them for sale. As I walked the lot, clip-board in hand, I decided to work in the section of the lot nearest the back entrance to the showroom. It left room for little interruption and was usually nice and quiet.

I peered up at the blazing sun, thankful that Michigan enjoyed such magnificent summer months. They are too few in comparison with the winter months, I thought, as I made my way to my check-off point. The procedure was to walk around the outside of the vehicle noting any damage that may have occurred to it, or to simply assess what may need to be done to the vehicle.

As I began my regular routine of checking off my list, a voice urged me to “get into the car and check the inside first.” Since our procedure is to normally do a check of the exterior first, I resisted the urge. Again, a voice seemed to say: “Get into the car, check the interior first.” This time, it was a bit more persistent. Still gentle, but with an urgency to it’s command. Having had spiritual experiences similar to this before, I decided not to argue. I simply opened the drivers’ door and began to sit in the car. I gently closed the door behind me. As I placed the clipboard on my lap to position my pen while checking the dashboard area, I heard a horrific BOOM! The sound was so loud and so deafening, that I instinctively ducked my head down, while covering my ears with both my hands. My eyes were tightly closed as I had no idea what had occurred.

When I lifted my head and opened my eyes, as if in slow motion, I saw glass falling all around me, and I heard the tinkling of it as it fell forcefully onto the car I was now in. Still in somewhat of a daze, I saw the other salesmen running from the building, asking what had happened. I got out of the car to survey the damage. It was all too clear what had occurred. A customer, who had parked in our lot while inside speaking with a salesman, had left a can of freone in the back window of his vehicle. The sun’s heat was even more scorchingly hot as it was magnified through the back glass. The combination of which caused the glass in that car to explode, while also knocking out that cars speakers in the process! It took a few moments for me to fully grasp what had occurred, as my frantic co-workers repeatedly asked if I were o.k. One fellow salesman, knowing I hadn’t been outside long enough to begin the interior assessment yet, asked me what made me get into the car when I did. I’m not sure how much of my story he believed, but the proof was certainly in the pudding that day. How much injury would I have incurred had I not followed that spiritual advice? I have no idea. I did re-learn a valuable lesson that day: I can never go wrong when I follow the voice of the spirit!