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27_edit_textEvery one has had an ‘Aha moment! Many of us have witnessed or experienced miraculous events, had a touch of synchronicity, or met an insurmountable challenge with aplomb. The ‘Sweet Potato Pie for the Heart” series will contain Motivational & Inspirational stories that move us all! These stories will capture the human elements that drive, inspire and motivate, while showcasing the Universal Principles of: Love, Courage, Forgiveness, Perseverance, Integrity, Compassion and Commitment—just to name a few.

How often have you:

  • Retold your favorite stories to family, friends and co-workers?
  • Had an experience that caused you to reflect on your life?
  • Had a serendipitous event occur in your life?
  • Experienced a moment when everything seemed to come together at ‘just the right time?’

If you or someone you know has experienced an event that proved to be a revelation for you, or an occurrence that has changed and impacted your life, then chances are it will change, move, impact, guide and inspire others. Have a ‘Unique’ Story you’re always reciting–Share it with others–PUT IT IN WRITING!


Below are the guidelines for submission:

1. Tell about a moving, challenging, uplifting, spiritual, melancholy, sad, witty, encouraging or “seemingly supernatural” story about something that has happened to you in your life. Have you been touched by an angel? Given a message spiritually? Protected by an unseen hand? Discovered your purpose in life? Does someone you know recount a story you love to hear? There are numerous stories to be shared by and for us all. Be sure to make your story come to life. Use visualization & descriptive phrases that make readers feel they’re a part of the experience that you are describing.

2. Don’t concern yourself with how many people may be moved by your story. The way the Universe works, if it helps even one person it has completed its cycle! Life experiences are designed so that many can benefit from the experiences of one. More than likely, if your story moved you in some way, so too will it move others! Your story should contain one or more of the following: A positive or uplifting outcome, a silver lining, a moment of revelation, a profound lesson, a challenge that was overcome, a moment of epiphany, a time of spiritual/physical or mental growth, a maturity point that has occurred, or a simple ‘A-Ha’ moment!

3. Stories should of course, be well written and communicated. They should be detailed in a way that readers are able to connect to your emotions and identify with your experience. If you’re concerned about your writing style, enlist the help of a friend to give you some basic feedback before submitting. Stories should be encouraging, inspiring, motivating or uplifting. While there are stories with endings that may seem sad or “less than perfect,” depending upon the lessons learned and how the story is conveyed, these too, may be eligible to be included. As we all know, not all of our life lessons leave us smiling; however, it is what we do beyond those moments that make for an uplifting tale, as well as help to make a difference for us in our daily lives.

4. If your story is selected to be included in the “Sweet Potato Pie for the Heart” series, you will be eligible to be invited to meet with the author* (see below) and will receive a personalized, autographed copy of the book!

5. Submissions may be sent via the online form or by E-mail. Please use:, with the subject line: Story Submission.

6. All stories must be nonfiction, true accounts. Stories should range in between 300-1500 words.

7. Submissions will not be returned. For your records, please retain a copy of your original work sent. Submissions sent are not guaranteed to be used in publication.

8. In addition, tell us a little about yourself—a short biography, sharing whatever information you feel comfortable in sharing.



Old paper, penAll submissions will receive acknowledgment upon their receipt via E-mail. Should your entry be used for publication, you will be notified by E-mail, whereby we will request your permission to include it in the series. If your story does not make it to the first in this series, don’t fret. It may still be eligible for a future installment of the “Sweet Potato Pie for the Heart” series of books!

You may of course, submit more than one entry. Each entry should be submitted separately. If you know of others whose stories may be a good choice for this project, or you’d like to share a story passed down through your family, feel free to include them! Remember to include the author’s name, its source, how the story came to be, and what it means to you, family members or friends.

Authors whose stories are selected are eligible to spend some time with the author,* (see below) and will receive a personalized, autographed copy of the book!

If you’ve ever wanted others to gain wisdom, humor, or knowledge from an event that you’ve experienced, if you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to share your inspirational moments with others, then seize the moment now. Reflect on the blessings & opportunities that have occurred in your life that propelled you to move forward. Send your submission today!

Remember: Allow your HEART to be your guide! The “Sweet Potato Pie for the Heart” series is all about stories that move and touch us at the very core of our hearts!

Submit your story online or E-mail it directly to the author, using the Heading, ‘Story Submission.’

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!